Thick-It Original Thickener


Instant food and beverage thickener


Receiving a diagnosis of dysphagia is scary and life changing. Most people take for granted how simple and automatic it is to swallow food and beverages. Losing the ability to do so safely and easily can turn your whole life on its head.

For over 30 years, Thick-It® has been solely focused on creating innovative solutions to make the lives of those with swallowing disorders easier.

The first healthcare food-thickening product on the market in 1987. Dissolve this easy-to-use, corn-starch-based thickener in your favorite foods and beverages – hot or cold. Mix this thickener with water, apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, coffee or tea, milk, nutritional supplement drinks or pureed foods.

  • Convenient – Dissolves instantly
  • Reliable – Does not change appearance or taste of food or beverages
  • Versatile – Easily digestible and does not bind fluids
  • Dietary Friendly – Kosher Parve and gluten free



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