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FiberCel fiber powder


FiberCel is a high-quality, instantly dissolving fiber powder supplement. It provides 5 grams of fiber in every serving (2 tsp) to those who are unable to obtain enough from their normal diet. There are no preservatives, bleaching agents, dyes or flavors. FiberCel contains no potassium or phosphorous, making it renal friendly.


  • 5 grams of soluble fiber per serving (2 tsp)

  • Dissolves instantly

  • Eliminates bowel medications

  • NO bloating or cramping

  • Will not alter the taste

  • Superior source of fiber

  • Sugar and lactose free

  • NO ADDED: preservatives, bleaching agents, dyes or flavours

    Will Not Alter Taste + Grit Free

    Add FiberCel to your favorite food
    or drink

    • Hot beverages:  coffee, tea, cocoa, etc
    • Cold beverages:  juice, water, ice tea
    • Snack foods:  yogurt, oatmeal, pudding
    • Sauces, gravies and dressings
    • Baked goods
    • Add to med pass supplements
    Extra Fluids Are Not Required 
    When Taking FiberCel